In 1997, I was in sabbatical leave and staying at Institute of Organization and Industrial Sociology,Copenhagen Business School.
I appreciate all of professors and satffs of IOA and CBS very much.
Then I came back to Osaka University of Economics. In 1999, I moved to Ryukoku University in Kyoto.

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Office Address:
Faculty of Economics
Fukakusa Tsukamotocho 67
FushimiKyoto,612-8577 JAPAN
phone +81-75-645-8425

Present Position:
Professor of Industrial Economics
at the Faculty of Economics
Ryukoku University

List of publications at January 31, 2008

I Book
1)An Analysis of Corporate Behavior from Several Aspects,
Koyo-shobo, collaboration with Pr.Kenichi Nakanishi and others.

2)The Path of Corporate Society,Showado,1993.
in collaboration with Pr.Satoshi Ueda and Pr.Meijo Taniguchi

3)A Microeconomic Analysis of Leasing ,Dobunkan,1994.

4)Intoroduction to Sports Economics, Horitsu Bunkasya, 1996, edited by Kenji Matsuoka.

5)Wind Turbine and Danish Model of Economy, Shinhyoron, 2004.

6)Regional Development and Growth of Firm, Nihonhyoronsya, 2004, edited by Kenji Matsuoka.

7)Regional Industry and Innovation, Nihonhyoronsya, 2007, edited by Kenji Matsuoka.

*All books are written in Japanese

II Translation from English to Japanese

Peter E. Earl "A Behavioral Theory of Economists' Behavior"

in Alfred S. Eichner(ed.), Why Economics is not yet a Science,
Japanese edition was published in 1986 from

III Articles in English
1)Industrial Policy and the Small and Medium Enterprises in Japan: A Case Study on Die and Mold Industry
Journal of Economic Researc,Vol.3, 1999.

2)The Transactional Relationship among Assembler, Supplier and Subsupplier -From View Point of Corporate Governance-
Ryukoku Journal of Economics,Vol.41,No.4,2002.

3)The Indigenous Technology and Industrial Development
Hanyang Journal of Economic StudiesVol.24,No.1,2003.

4)Development of Wind Power Technology in Japan
Ryukoku Journal of EconomicsVol.44,No.4,2005.

IV Aural Presentations

1)Industrial Policy and Small and Medium Enterprises in Japan: A Case Study on Die and Mold Industry,
Paper Presented at the IX International Conference of WASME in April 1996 at New Delhi, India and the Conference of Japan-Europe Association for Socioeconomics in August 1996 at Dusseldolf in Germany.

2)Small and Medium Enterprises and Innovation,
Paper presented at the World Association of Small and Medium Sized
Enterprises Xth International Conference, April 1997, Miami, U.S.A.

3)Governance Structure in Small Businesses- The Transactional Aspect-,
Osaka University of Economics Working Paper Series 97-1, 1997.
Paper presented at the Conference on Growth and Job Creation in SMEs,
January,1998, Mikkeli, Finland.

5)Public Policy to promote technology and the development of wind power technology in Japan since the beginning of the 20th century
Presented at the European Wind Energy Conference at Athens, Greece, Feb. 28, 2006.

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