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Graduate School of Economics

Outline of Graduate School

Introduction to the Graduate School of Economics

The Graduate School of Economics established its Master’s Degree Program in 1982 and Doctoral Degree Program in 1985. The graduate programs aim at fostering qualified specialists who can respond to various issues arising in today’s rapidly changing society, especially at educating specialists and researchers who can build creative theories and conduct outstanding applied analysis. As a result, our graduates have been making great contributions as highly regarded specialists in economics at research institutions, as high school teachers and government officials, and at private enterprises.


Message from the Dean

The world is filled with fallacies and pseudo theories that could easily mislead us unless we take a step back and think carefully. With the explosive amount of information available today, we are even more inclined to be trapped by these errors. The world that surrounds us is always chaotic, and throughout history, humans have continuously struggled to understand and improve the mechanism of the world.


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