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Graduate School of Economics

Master’s Degree Program

Department of Economics

Comprehensive Economics Program (integrated with the inter-civil program as of 2018)

Program for comprehensive study of economics.

In the Comprehensive Economics Program, students will acquire practical research abilities in economics by taking a compulsory subject. Based on each student's research theme, students select main field and secondary field from the three fields of "theory, thought and history," "policy and application," and "international and civil affairs," and take courses systematically.

Graduate Program of Asian and African Studies (GPAAS)

Jointly offered with the Graduate Schools of Law and International Studies.

This is a master’s program targeted at the study of the Asia and Africa regions. Students will study about modern society, in particular, about Asian and African society from the “international” viewpoint based on the relations between different nations and from those of “inter-civic” relations based on human relations.

Course work and research work

The Comprehensive Economics Program offers course work and research work. Course work focuses on solidifying theoretical studies and fostering the ability to apply them through a systematic curriculum. Classes consist of lectures, practicum, reports, and exams, and the low faculty and student ratio allows dedicated instruction. As a proof of mastering the course work, students can obtain the Master’s degree (in Economics) by submitting their completed project-oriented research.

Research work aims at solidifying academic knowledge and conducting original research. Based on the course work, students will compile and submit their Master’s thesis. Unlike project-oriented research, a research thesis with academic creativity is required. By completing the research work, students can obtain the Master’s degree (in Economics) and advance to the Doctoral Program by passing the entrance examination.

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