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Graduate School of Economics

English-based Master's Degree Program

In this program, students select main and secondary fields from three fields based on their research theme. It enables students to take a systematic course and acquire a high level of expertise and a broad perspective.

Field Selection

Students will decide the main field and secondary field of study at the time of proceeding to “Seminar Ⅱ”. Changes in the field of study are permitted when there is a change in the research theme and the advisor deems it necessary. Changes in the field will be made until the start of "Seminar IV" and cannot be made thereafter.

Completion Requirements

  1. Students are required to earn 32 credits or more which must include 8 credits from Seminars, 8 credits from courses in the chosen main field, 6 credits from courses in the chosen secondary field.
    SeminarⅠ・Ⅱ・Ⅲ・Ⅳ 8 credits
    Courses in the chosen main field 8 credits
    Courses in the chosen secondary field 6 credits
    Others 10 credits
    Total 32 credits
  2. Students must pass a review of their master's thesis and an oral examination.
    Before submitting a master's thesis, students must present their research at least twice at "Joint Seminar" (held twice a year).

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